Suppliers: Why participate?

Why participate?

Through the show’s revolutionary vetting process, Luxury Travel Exchange International gives luxury and premium suppliers the opportunity to tap into qualified travel advisors positioning their agency for growth. Delegates are required to complete an application measuring booking habits, interest, referrals and traditional demographics. Suppliers can choose from tiered packages to maximize participation and minimize expense. What results is measurable ROI and quantifiable business opportunities!

How is LTX different? 

  • Conduct business with pre-qualified travel advisors in a position on the Exchange tradeshow floor.
  • Meet during one-to-one appointments with select advisors to maximize business investment. Available exclusively to Exchange One-to-One participants!
  • Pre-scheduled meetings utilizing proprietary technology that will produce focused and productive meetings.
  • Innovative networking during formal and informal activities delivering a high-quality, collaborative event.

Who should participate?

Suppliers are sought from leading global chains, destinations, hotels & resorts, villas, river & oceangoing cruise lines, professional resources, tour operators and more. Prime positioning is available and extremely limited!

Exchange One-to-One Premium 

Our most exclusive package,the Exchange Premium provides your company with a 30-minute classroom training session via our Fast-Track product education series, affording your company a captive audience of qualified travel advisors.

SOLD OUT for 2012!

Exchange One-to-One

Our popular package, offers you all the benefits of the Exchange Standard, plus a complete diary of appointments and a plethora of marketing value. Take advantage of the general tradeshow traffic and create meaningful connections with face-to-face appointments.

Exchange Standard

Our entry-level package offers great opportunities for you to showcase your comapny and educate qualified advisors with a vested interest in your company.

Suppliers interested in participating in Luxury Travel Exchange International should contact their sales representative for more information to leverage relationships for years to come.

Samantha Nicastro | Business Development Manager | 212.895.8253



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